August 2015

My pet named Peeve

I temped today in Rockville, Maryland. If Maryland was depicted in Monopoly game, Rockville would be heading towards Boardwalk Ave or Park Place. It is certainly the high rent district. The patients are normally older, retired with a mouth full... Continue Reading →

My life on the ship

I have dedicated my life to public health for two years in an effort to simultaneously save the world and achieve financial homeostasis. The beautiful thing about public health is that I have the most appreciative patients. My patients have... Continue Reading →

What is a dental hygienist?

What is a dental hygienist? Patients ask me these three questions with persistence: "Are you my dentist?", "Are you going to do my cleaning?", "What is a dental hygienist?" I rehearse my responses each day in hopes of promoting accurate,... Continue Reading →

I have loved teeth since prehistoric times

I have loved teeth since prehistoric times... Teeth, those small anatomical structures that most people only care about when they hurt or start to turn brown, are literally my life. We spend our hygiene school years in a dental centric... Continue Reading →

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