September 2015

Granny and the Grand Request 

   At our public health clinic we have fresh, young faces. 3/4 of our full time dentists have less than 4 years of experience. A position at my clinic would be a great residency for any dentist who wants to... Continue Reading →

Grownup Situations 

   At my job we have a patient goal of 15 patients in 8.5 clinic hours. This is a seemingly unrealistic goal but somehow by the grace of baby Jesus we make our goal.     In spite of time constraints,... Continue Reading →

Hygiene Horror

      I occasionally supplement my public health wages by working as a temporary dental hygienist. I work in the District of Columbia and Maryland in private practices that range from high tech dental sanctuaries to places that I call... Continue Reading →

Ode to ODU 11/12

My favorite explorer is the ODU 11/12. Mrs. Schneiderman introduced us in dental hygiene school and we have been best friends ever since. It helps detect subgingival calculus and root irregularities with it's long curvaceous toe.      With great... Continue Reading →

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